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California Governor gives "fast-tracked" renewable energy projects a jumpstart today

Defenders of Wildlife says new law has potential to improve projects

(03/22/2010) -


  • As part of an interim conservation strategy, the law requires the Department of Fish and Game to identify new places in the desert to protect that mitigate for the impacts any approved “fast-tracked” renewable energy projects may have on California’s lands, water and wildlife
  • The legislation represents a collaboration among lawmakers, renewable-energy developers and the conservation community, demonstrating that California can promote renewable energy development without rolling back important protections for wildlife and natural resources

SACRAMENTO (March 22, 2010) — The following is a statement from Kim Delfino, California program director for Defenders of Wildlife:

“California’s desert is a diverse wonderland of plants and wildlife. We need a balanced approach to solar and renewable energy development in the desert that safeguards this unique landscape. The law signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today offers a good way forward for responsible renewable energy development.

“Our hope is that the additional resources provided by this new law will not simply lead to faster siting, but to better, more environmentally sustainable projects. We believe that the law’s conservation strategy for mitigating ‘fast-tracked’ projects in the desert provides a good way for properly sited projects to meet environmental protection laws. That way, Californians can know that their energy is not only clean, but also that it doesn’t come at the high price of destroying some of California’s last wild and treasured places.”


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