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Defenders expands grizzly bear fencing incentive program

Group offers up to $500 to protect chicken coops, beehives, dumpsters

MISSOULA, Mont. (March 19, 2012) - Defenders of Wildlife launched an expanded grizzly bear fencing incentive program this month to help people and wildlife better coexist. Landowners in eligible counties in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming will be reimbursed for 50% of the cost for electric fencing to secure grizzly bear attractants. Electric fencing has proven effective at keeping grizzly bears away from chicken coops, beehives, fruit trees, garbage containers, animal feed, carcass pits, and compost piles. The maximum reimbursement is $500, and the offer is only valid while funding remains.

The following is a statement from Jonathan Proctor, Rocky Mountain representative for Defenders of Wildlife:

“Defenders is helping landowners get the tools they need to coexist with wildlife. It’s not always easy to live with grizzly bears and other wild animals in your backyard. That’s why we’re offering to help pay for electric fencing to prevent grizzly bears from getting into trouble.

“An up-front investment to keep grizzlies out is relatively small compared to the potential property damage a bear could cause. Our incentive program is meant to encourage landowners to take that proactive step to prevent conflict. It’s well worth the investment to ensure safe communities and a sustainable future for grizzly bears.

“Wildlife managers, conservation groups, and people who live in grizzly country have put a lot of time, effort and money into restoring healthy grizzly bear populations, and it’s working. So it’s a shame when wildlife managers have to kill grizzly bears for digging through garbage or eating a chicken, especially when a simple electric fence could have avoided the problem in the first place.

“We hope that our fencing incentive will encourage more landowners to secure bear attractants. It’s the best way to keep grizzlies out of our yards and in the wild.”



To learn more about the grizzly bear electric fence incentive program, visit www.defenders.org/gotgrizzlies

Download the form and apply for the incentive

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