Washington, D.C.,
12:00 AM

Defenders of Wildlife joins People's Climate Movement March

For Immediate Release

WASHINGTON (Apr. 29, 2017) – Defenders of Wildlife is participating in the People’s Climate Movement March in Washington, D.C. today.

Aimee Delach, senior climate adaptation policy analyst for Defenders of Wildlife, issued the following statement:

Climate change is happening in our own backyard, but its effects are felt far and wide. Climate change does not discriminate; wildlife and their habitat, and communities here and around the world are all vulnerable to a changing climate.

“There are ways we can prepare for and respond to a warming climate. But we cannot implement these solutions if our leaders outright deny climate change. Our most imperiled wildlife and our global community don’t stand a chance without strong leadership on climate science and climate solutions. That’s why I’m marching today.”


Defenders of Wildlife is a proud partner of the People’s Climate Movement March.

As carbon dioxide levels continue to increase, so does the planet’s temperature. This exacerbates severe weather and climate-related events, like the years-long drought in California, wildfires across the American West and strong cyclones that formed in the Pacific Ocean.

Devastating, severe weather and other climate-related events have become a leading threat to wildlife and their habitat. Erratic weather and severe drought have taken a toll on the monarch butterfly along its extensive migration route and in its winter range. Rising sea levels threaten habitat for the red wolf, North America’s most endangered wolf. Some populations of polar bears are in dire straits due to melting Arctic sea ice. Thousands of species daily contend with the effects of our warming planet.


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