12:29 PM

For Immediate Release

Defenders of Wildlife Reacts to Election Results

Wildlife should breathe a bit easier now that the American people have voted to dethrone House leaders relentlessly hostile to their interests. We anticipate the new House Democratic leadership will be good news for wildlife. We expect the new House leaders to vigorously oppose the Trump administration’s relentless assaults against wildlife, habitat and community health and safety, and to stand up to Senate leaders who have pursued an anti-wildlife agenda.

Jamie Rappaport Clark, CEO and President, Defenders of Wildlife issued this statement:

“Today’s news brings hope for wildlife and our air, water, lands and climate. We will be working with our champions in Congress to defend and strengthen these vital resources while restoring recently lost protections. Sadly, a lot of damage has been done over the past two years by the Trump administration and the departing Congress. These relentless destructive attacks on the laws, regulations, policies and agencies responsible for protecting wildlife and wild places have taken a toll and recovery will take time.

Defenders of Wildlife will redouble our efforts to hold the Trump administration accountable to conserve America’s irreplaceable natural legacy, not destroy it.”


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