07:28 PM

For Immediate Release

Defenders of Wildlife to March For Oceans, Wildlife

WASHINGTON (June 8, 2018) – Today marks the 26th annual World Oceans Day. Defenders of Wildlife along with 150 additional M4O partner organizations will join the March For The Ocean tomorrow in Washington, D.C., to promote a Healthy Ocean and Clean Water for All.

The following statement is from Jamie Rappaport Clark, president and CEO of Defenders of Wildlife:

“Our oceans are the cradle of life on this planet, home to a vast array of wildlife and source of half the oxygen our planet breathes. From the sparkling waters surrounding the Hawai’ian Islands to the rugged beauty of the Northeastern Atlantic, our oceans are an essential part of our natural heritage.

“Unfortunately, President Trump’s promotion of oil drilling off our coasts and commercial fishing in our pristine waters is threatening protections for marine sanctuaries and national marine monuments. His administration is blind to the overwhelming threat that climate change poses to our oceans.

“If we want our oceans to be full of life, we must protect them. We are participating in the March For The Ocean to be a voice for those that have none.”

Defenders of Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of all native animals and plants in their natural communities. With over 1.8 million members and activists, Defenders of Wildlife is a leading advocate for innovative solutions to safeguard our wildlife heritage for generations to come. For more information, visit Newsroom.Defenders.org and follow us on Twitter @DefendersNews.