04:55 PM

Defenders of Wildlife Welcomes Sally Jewell Nomination for Interior Secretary

Washington, D.C. (February 6, 2013) — President Obama is poised to Nominate REI Chief Executive Officer Sally Jewell to head the Department of the Interior. Below is a statement from Defenders of Wildlife President Jamie Rappaport Clark.

“This is a crucial time for conservation in America. Many of the gains we have made over the past decades for our wildlife, our public lands and our coasts are at risk. We need a strong conservation leader who will protect our natural heritage, promote a positive vision for our public lands and wildlife and stand with us to help renew America's commitment to conservation. Given her past accomplishments and long record at REI as an outdoors enthusiast, Sally Jewell has the commitment and experience to be that leader. We congratulate her on her nomination and look forward to working with her.”



Contact: William Lutz, wlutz@defenders.org, (202) 772-0269

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