10:58 PM

Executive Disorder: Trump Signs Order to Kill Regulations


Contact: Haley McKey, 202-772-0247, hmckey@defenders.org

WASHINGTON (January 30, 2017) ­– President Donald Trump signed an executive order today that forces federal agencies to get rid of two rules for every new rule enacted. The executive order did not specify which, if any, existing regulations might be done away with.

Statement from Defenders of Wildlife President and CEO Jamie Rappaport Clark:

“This executive order is foolish and dangerous. Arbitrarily declaring that two federal regulations must be revoked for every new one issued is absurd. This is no way to lead our nation. Federal rules and regulations keep our drinking water clean, our environment safe and our children healthy. Forcing an agency to arbitrarily revoke two of its regulations in order to carry out its mission to protect the public will only create chaos.

President Trump says that this order is meant to cut red tape for small business, but it’s just another concession for big businesses that don’t want follow environmental laws. This is a disturbingly reckless order that puts people, communities, wildlife and habitat at risk of losing vital protections for no good reason.”



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