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Gray Wolves Love California... that's why they've come home!


August 20, 2015

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Gray Wolves Love California!
Department of Fish and Wildlife confirms new pack in northern CA

SACRAMENTO – Today the California Department of Fish and Wildlife released photographic evidence of a new pack of gray wolves established in Siskiyou County in northern California. The pack has been named the “Shasta Pack” and consists of two adults and five pups, all captured on camera. The pups are approximately three to four months old and all appear to be healthy. This news comes just weeks after officials announced sightings of a suspected wolf caught on Siskiyou trail cameras in May and July. The presence of a whole pack in California affirms that wolves know there is suitable habitat in the state and are ready to use it.

The following is a statement from Jamie Rappaport Clark, President and CEO, Defenders of Wildlife:

“We couldn’t be more excited to learn the wonderful news about California’s new resident wolf pack. Our hopes for restoring wolves to the Golden State have been steadily building since “OR-7” first visited in 2011.

“The presence of an entire pack indicates that gray wolves are back for good, and according to polls and last year’s listing under the California Endangered Species Act, Californians are ready to welcome them home.

“We have been given a second chance to restore this iconic species to a landscape they had been missing from for nearly one hundred years. We must seize this opportunity to forge new partnerships to help wolves live in harmony with people and livestock in their California home.”


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