03:31 PM

Omnibus Spending Bill Rejects Attacks on Wolves, Endangered Species and Santa Ana Refuge


Late last night, Congress released a 2018 funding package that repudiated the draconian, reckless budget cuts proposed by President Trump. The agreement strongly rejected many damaging anti-wildlife riders, including provisions that would undermine the Endangered Species Act and delist wolves in the Great Lakes region. The bill also bars construction of a destructive border wall through Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in south Texas, though it provides damaging funding for border wall construction and other security measures that will harm wildlife and communities elsewhere along the border. The bill includes a rider that blocks endangered species protections for imperiled greater sage-grouse, and while solving the long-standing wildfire budget problem, includes provisions that may undermine wildlife conservation on national forest lands.

Defenders of Wildlife President and CEO Jamie Rappaport Clark issued the following statement:

“The omnibus spending bill had the potential to be a disaster for wildlife, habitat and endangered species. While this legislation isn’t perfect, conservation champions in Congress have worked tirelessly to keep many devastating anti-wildlife riders out of the bill and prevent funding for building President Trump’s destructive border wall through the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge.

“Insidious riders that chip away at our nation’s natural heritage have no place in legislation of any kind. We deeply appreciate the efforts of the lawmakers who refuse to compromise on protecting our wildlife, lands and waters.”


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