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Senate Settles on Agreement to Raise Debt Ceiling, End Shutdown

October 16, 2013(Washington, D.C.)–– The United States Senate has settled on an agreement that funds the government until January 15th, 2014 and increases the government’s borrowing authority until February 7th, averting, for the time being, a potentially devastating impact on our economy. It also requires a bicameral budget committee to meet and work on securing the budget through the fiscal year before December 13, 2013. Below is a statement from Defenders of Wildlife president and CEO Jamie Rappaport Clark:

“Our nation’s people, communities, lands and wildlife depend on a stable economy and a fully functional government. Ending the government shutdown means federal land and wildlife managers can go back to the vital work of endangered species recovery and the responsible stewardship of our natural resources and protected lands. Unfortunately, Congress has once again failed the American public and only come up with a short term solution to our financial crisis.  While we strongly urge Congress to quickly pass this bill, Congress needs to immediately begin work on reaching an agreement that funds the government, including our important wildlife programs, through the rest of the fiscal year.

“The federal government’s ability to pay its bills–and its employees–is vital to keeping our wild places and wildlife thriving. It’s now time for our federal government to resume its important duty of protecting our nation’s natural heritage.  Our imperiled wildlife deserve better and so does the American public."

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