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Sound The Alarm For Southern Resident Orcas

What: Orca Month 2018 & Orca Month Kick-Off Event

When: June 2018 (Kick-Off: June 3, 2018, 1-5 pm)

Where: Throughout Washington, Oregon & British Columbia 

(Kick-Off: Golden Gardens Park Bathhouse, Seattle)

Who: Orca Salmon Alliance

Speakers:​ ​​​

- Duwamish Tribal Council Chairwoman Cecile Hansen

                                      - Olivia Carpenter and her father John who biked across the U.S. to                                      raise public awareness for the Southern resident orca population

- Stephanie Solien, Orca Recovery Task Force Co-Chair

- Les Purce, Orca Recovery Task Force Co-Chair

For more information on Orca Month, contact any member of the Orca Salmon Alliance, and for an extensive list of Orca Month events all month long throughout Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, go to

What is Orca Month?

June marks the 12th annual Orca Month ( in Washington, and the 3rd annual Orca Month in Oregon and British Columbia, where events will be held to sound the alarm and help our beloved Southern Resident orcas. This is a chance to celebrate one of our region’s most iconic wildlife species, and to reflect on the plight of these fragile creatures.

The theme of this year’s Orca Month -- Sound The Alarm For Southern Resident Orcas -- reflects the need for the governor’s recently created task force to take bold action and prevent the extinction of these critically endangered whales. With only 76 surviving Southern Resident orcas in the wild, the population is the lowest it has been in over 30 years.

Join us for a month of educational and celebratory events to raise awareness of the threats facing our Southern Resident orca population and learn what we can do to protect them.

Orca Month is recognized by proclamations from the governors of Washington and Oregon, the premier of British Columbia, and the mayor of Victoria, BC.

In March 2018, Washington Governor Jay Inslee issued an executive order to create the Southern Resident Killer Whale Recovery and Task Force.

What is the Orca Month Kick-Off Event?

On Sunday, June 3rd, the Orca Salmon Alliance will host an Orca Month Kick-Off celebration with speakers, music, family-friendly activities, and educational displays at Golden Gardens Park Bathhouse in Seattle from 1-5 p.m. See the Facebook event for more details.

Who is the Orca Salmon Alliance?

Orca Month is sponsored by the Orca Salmon Alliance (OSA), which works to highlight the connection between two iconic endangered species that need help: Southern Resident orcas (killer whales) and Chinook salmon (King salmon). OSA works together to support member organizations and to develop joint initiatives. Our immediate objective is to prevent the extinction of the Southern Resident killer whales by recovering the wild Chinook populations upon which the whales depend for their survival. Learn more at

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