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For Immediate Release

Trump’s Infrastructure Scam is a Bad Deal for Wildlife and Habitat

WASHINGTON (January 27, 2018) –  President Trump’s leaked proposal to upgrade our nation’s infrastructure guts basic environmental protections, including safeguards for endangered species and their habitat, while increasing the costs to hardworking Americans for basic services from clean water to roads and bridges.

Defenders of Wildlife President and CEO Jamie Rappaport Clark issued the following statement:

“If President Trump includes the cuts in this leaked proposal in his final infrastructure plan, it would be a blueprint for the reckless destruction of our natural heritage. This plan would increase costs for Americans while gutting fundamental protections for our air, lands, water and wildlife. Our nation’s environmental health and conservation legacy are not President Trump’s to bulldoze. This plan is a disaster for endangered species, migratory birds and fragile wildlife habitat across the country. Congress should reject this proposal and authorize a bill that invests in the clean, resilient, safe infrastructure Americans and wildlife deserve.”


  • This proposal is out of touch with America. Recent public polling by Hart Research on behalf of Defenders of Wildlife and the Center for American Progress found that 94 percent of American voters reject the proposition that we should reduce protections for air, water, wildlife and natural places to improve our nation’s infrastructure. Voters also disagree with President Trump’s repeated false claims that current environmental protections must be sacrificed to speed infrastructure projects.
  • According to the leaked proposal in the Washington Post, President Trump is aiming for his cabinet to be able to unilaterally sidestep public health, and environmental protections in order to benefit developers.
  • While the specifics of attacks on the Endangered Species Act are still in flux, it seems clear that the administration has wildlife in the crosshairs.

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