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White House review of MMS environmental review procedures will be crucial

(05/27/2010) -


  • The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) is seeking public input regarding its review of Minerals Management Service (MMS) environmental review procedures and practices under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).
  • CEQ is reviewing and seeking public input regarding the adequacy of MMS compliance with NEPA at all phases of its offshore oil and gas program, specifically focusing on the use of NEPA categorical exclusions.
  • Defenders of Wildlife and the Southern Environmental Law Center have filed suit against MMS over its use of categorical exclusions, including in the approval of the BP Deepwater Horizon exploratory plan, and the agency’s failure to adequately assess at any level the environmental impacts of its offshore oil and gas program in the Gulf of Mexico.

WASHINGTON (May 27, 2010) – The following is a statement from Jamie Rappaport Clark, executive vice president of Defenders of Wildlife:

"MMS has clearly been unable to perform its duty of environmental review. This welcome analysis by CEQ is the crucial first step towards fixing their broken process."


Read CEQ's announcement of the "Review of MMS NEPA Policies, Practices, and Procedures for OCS Oil and Gas Exploration and Development."

See how Defenders is responding to the Gulf oil disaster.

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